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Ogagna Academy (OA) is a private primary school designed to offer strong children educational foundation. OA program is a developmental early childhood education that enables the student to learn and grow in cognitive development, social, physical, and emotional. It is designed to create an educational program drawn from the common core to inspire and motivate students.

The curriculum is developed based on a smaller class for the children to enjoy the benefits of academic consistency provided by highly qualified passionate teachers. With outstanding curriculum in the place, OA’s staffs are equipped to make sure that students and parents will find OA learning environment as the place where to develop self-confident and hard-working.

In addition of making sure that students are able to learn and develop the skills necessary to achieve grade-level standards, OA is also prioritizing that the parents are well informed about ongoing child’s learning experience, activities, and progress. It is vital for OA to have a strong relationship with both the students and parents. OA believes in working toward a positive outcome and learning experience for every child in the classroom.


  • To provide a learning environment that fosters independent, responsible, lifelong learners.
  • To help each student progress towards their full potential, celebrating accomplishments while building strong relationships.
  • To improve student performance in Anywaa, Amharic, and English Languages as well as Math in each grade level as measured by performance on school assessments
  • To consistently monitor student progress using a variety of data: observations, progress reports, and test scores, the teacher will make adjustments to re-teach skills to support students’ learning.

The story behind Ogagna academy 

Welcome to Ogagna Academy (OA). My name is Omot Olok Dang. I was born and raised in Gambella, Ethiopia and moved to the United States in 1993. After I acquired my high school, bachelor degree in Environment and sustainability studies, and master degree in public health (MPH), I decided to move back to my hometown, Gambella, to open OA. I am currently the owner and founder of the OA, located in Pignudo (Pinyudo) town in Gog district of Gambella, Ethiopia.

Why develop OA at this location?

Gambella Diaspora engagement is one of the programs developed by the Gambella regional government in the past years for Gambella people living in foreign countries to participate in the development of the region. Through this program, I had the opportunity to travel to Gambella and visited the school in districts of the region. During my visitation, I was stunned by the declined quality of education in all districts. I encountered with grade 4 and 5 students who cannot read and write as they supposed to be at their respective grade level. The diminished level of education was mainly due to a lack of qualified teachers, textbooks, and consistent students’ evaluation strategies. The poor learning environment let students poorly perform during Ethiopian national examination. Although the Ethiopian educational curriculum requires each student to sufficiently learn the materials and achieve grade standards to pass to the next grade, students are moving from grade to the next grade without having appropriate knowledge. Hence, I developed OA in 2018 to be the model for students to have the required education at every grade level. For 2018 school year, OA enrolled 60 students in grades 1 and 2 and planned to open 3rd grades in 2021 with an expectation to enroll more than 100 students.

What is behind the name?

The Ogagna Academy is named after the village where I was born. The village is one of the sub-villages in Gog Jangjor called “Ogagna Village”. The reason behind the naming of this academic school as OA is to keep heritage that defines my family forefather generations as well as the history and legacy of the village.